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What Is Estate Planning

Estate Planning starts with an analysis of ---

  • Your assets
  • Your liabilities
  • Your present and future needs and desires
  • The present and future needs and desires of your family and relatives
  • Your and their future prospects.

Estate planning consists of planning and structuring your assets to meet those needs and desires. Some of the considerations are --

  • Determining who is to get your assets
  • Naming the executor of your will
  • Naming the trustee of any trusts you may create
  • Naming the guardian of your children, if both you and your spouse die
  • Naming someone who will care for you and your assets if you are disabled.

Wealth building

  • Providing for your children's education
  • Providing insurance coverage for illness, disability or death
  • Providing for investment and management of your assets after your death
  • Tax planning to reduce income and estate taxes
  • Avoiding probate.

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